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Hip Opening (hip flexors stretch)

Lie down, come up to bridge position, and place the soft roller under your sacrum. First, pull both knees toward the chest, and then stretch one leg down toward to floor. Stay here up to 1 minute to lengthen the hip flexors.

Because of our life style, everyone spends more time sitting than moving. Therefore, your hip flexors get tight, and sometime they are so tight that they become painful around the groin area.

What are the hip flexors?

The iliacus and psoas major, together called the iliopsoas, are important hip flexors and low back stabilizers. It stretches from the lumbar vertebrae, underneath the inguinal ligament, to the lesser trochanter. Now, it makes sense that when it is short and tight, you have low back pain.

When Do You Use your hip flexors?

Hiking, climbing or walking up an incline. Riding a bike. Getting up from a reclined position (sit-up). Reaching up, against gravity. Doing abdominal exercises, single leg stretch, leg drops, V-sits.

Fun Facts: Carnivore friends, you eat them as “tenderloin” or “filet mignon,” the long, slender psoas major is located deep to the abdominal contents.

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