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"Nesve is a miracle worker. 5 years after throwing my back out during pregnancy, I was still in pain and increasingly losing function. Working with her over the last year has been transformative. She is amazing at finding the source of pain and dysfunction, tracking down relationships between different muscles and systems. She seems to truly enjoy her work, with a genuine curiosity for understanding how each person's body functions and passion for helping them feel and function better. I highly recommend her for therapeutic bodywork and a personalized therapy plan. You do have to put in the work to do the therapy at your home as well, but it's worth it!" Karen T.
"Nesve is an intuitive and highly skilled massage therapist and diagnostician. I've been going to her for twice monthly massage for the past two years, and her healing touch is invaluable to my well-being. In addition, she is very good at diagnosing problems and providing exercises to do at home to heal and correct whatever the issue. I highly recommend her for both relaxation and physical therapy." Linda T.
"Nesve is an amazing exercise therapist. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology is extensive, and her experience with people of all ages and many kinds of disability is so valuable. She listens to me carefully and adjusts our routine to accommodate every issue. Her massages are amazing too. Highly recommended!" Susan J.
"I have had the pleasure of working with Nesve as an in home personal trainer for over six years and lately in massage therapy, really helping me to relax and working out problematic muscles. She has truly been there for my ups and downs with back and knee surgeries as well as being a knowledgeable extension to UCI’s physical therapy department, supporting me at home with those exercises. She has inspired me to improve and helped me in so many ways, I can’t even count them; and I have recommended her to my neighbors and friends without any reservations." KJG
"Great with QUEER people! As a trans person, I would recommend her to any LGBTQ person with absolute confidence. Also, all of the amazing techniques and certifications she has have completely transformed my body. This is what I've been wanting and needing for decades but didn't know it even existed. She has helped me to undo decades of poor posture. Also body positive and not fat phobic or fat shaming. A really wonderful, open person with magic fingers. Too good to be true, yet, somehow, true!" Tiger

"Would like to commend Nesve for wonderful work! … am a senior citizen, in good health and wish to maintain an active life-style … have been with Nesve (class and private sessions) for over four years … she “cured” a potential chronic hamstring problem and has shown outstanding understanding of bio-mechanical and alignment issues … very professional, knowledgeable, personable and supportive … uniquivocal recommendation …" JBH

"Nesve is incredibly talented and working with her has been life changing. She has helped me recover from a stroke by addressing balance and weakness issues caused by the stroke. Through working with Nesve, my recovery sped up and I was able to regain strength and balance I thought was gone. The unexpected benefit has been that my sessions have also given me increased body awareness and core strength that has been very helpful to my overall health — I no longer have chronic lower back pain. Nesve is also a talented massage therapist and has done wonderful work with my daughter, who needed ET to address scoliosis. I can’t recommend her highly enough!" Katie

"Nesve, it is so fine to work with you on my body issues, and especially the neck pain and lack of easy movement. Thank you! I am doing so much better, and continue to practice the exercises you have given me. AND thank you for introducing me to world of your massage, and explaining the difference in body work and spa massage. With gratitude" Arlen 

"I've had two massage sessions from Nesve, so far, and intend to have more in the future. Both were wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating experiences. She is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and the ways in which massage can be used for both therapeutic purposes and stress relief, plus she was very caring and professional. And don't let Nesve's petite size fool you - she is strong.  I found her private studio to be impeccably clean and so comfortable. I highly recommend her." Deborah, University Hills resident

"Every Monday at 7 am, my husband and I roll out of bed to our weekly exercise routine. We wouldn't be able to face the week ahead without  Nesve's expert guidance and gentle prodding to get us on our way for the work week." Susan
"I work at a desk all day and developed a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders.  After a massage, I felt as if I had gotten a brand new neck. I'll be back soon!" Susan  

"Working with Nesve for the last few months has been a wonderful experience for me. I attend one three-person buddy training session per week, and four group classes. Nesve makes working out so much fun that I have gone from never exercising to working out at least five days a week with her. I love the friendly atmosphere of the classes, and the way that Nesve designs them to accommodate all levels of fitness. She keeps us all working toward new group challenges, while enabling us to progress at our own pace, along our own individual growth curves. The challenges she sets are always well thought out, which means that class is always an opportunity for fun and growth – never something to be dreaded. It’s clear to all that Nesve is genuinely having fun herself, truly cares about others and is passionate about helping them achieve their fitness goals. I would encourage everyone to try Nesve’s classes. You’ll have lots of fun and will soon be feeling better and enjoying the benefits of a healthier lifestyle."  Sharon from Uhills, Irvine

"I have an injury that has made it hard for me to trust just anyone, and Nesve has done an excellent job at helping me rehabilitate my injury and strengthen my core muscles, while making it fun! She also offers wonderful exercise classes in the neighborhood, check out website!" Roxanne from Uhills, Irvine

"Nesve's group fitness classes are a great whole-body workout, and so fun and affordable. She has an endless supply of ideas to keep the class ever-changing so things never get boring! She creates an encouraging and friendly atmosphere for everyone, and caters to each individual's needs. If you're looking for a fitness class that you will actually look forward to attending, this is it." Deborah from Uhills

"I have been taking exercise classes on and off over the last three decades and Nesve Yayalar is hands-down the best instructor I have encountered. She modifies her exercises for individual ability while promoting an atmosphere of community and fun. I have become stronger, more flexible, and have a greater awareness of my posture. Gracias, Nesve!"  Vicki, UCI Professor

"I have been working with Nesve for over 5 years now, both taking classes and in private training, and I’ve had an amazing experience with her. She tailors the exercises to work on your weak points, coordinates with you to improve things that you want to get better, and modifies when necessary for any injuries. She is simultaneously encouraging you to grow and improve, without pushing you to the point of injury or burnout. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She’s able to work with people of all ages and physical abilities, and do so with warmth and a sense of humor.” Shauna

"I have improved my core strength, combination of exercise program and massage, which have helped my longstanding back pain problems. Nesve is very knowledgeable about sources of muscle pain and how to address with exercises. She uses positive feedback to motivate me to exercise on my own between sessions." Judy

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