exercise Therapy

During COVID-19:
Virtual exercise Therapy sessions are available.

Exercise Therapy

(in person & Virtual)

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Initial Evaluation & First Exercise Session (in-person or online) - $120 (includes discussion of health history and current pain, posture/alignment assessment,gait analysis, functional movement assessment, an individualized exercise plan to correct your posture/alignment and mitigate the pain. This initial meeting takes about 120 min)

Therapy process takes at least 8-10 subsequent sessions

1 hr - $80 in person       30 min- $60 in person

          $70 online                          $50 online

Maintenance phase- weekly, monthly, quarterly meetings (depends on the indiviual)

Posture and alignment therapy helps to reduce any disparities caused by injuries and poor posture, which affect the normal function of musculoskeletal and nervous system. I first explore the primary causes of client's chronic pain, which is caused by postural dysfunction and muscular compensation,. I design a program to address the problem with specific exercises and myofascial therapy. The goal of the therapy is to re-align the body and eliminate muscular compensation to mitigate the pain and discomfort. I focus on client's education to better understand his/her posture and to increase the body awareness. The client's daily commitment to the exercises is a MUST for the success.  Weekly meetings for the first eight weeks are highly recommended. After then, depends on client's progress, bi-weekly or monthly meetings will be enough for the maintenance phase. We meet in person  or virtually via Skype/Facetime.  Please, contact for in-home therapy session pricing or any other questions. 


One On One Exercise Session

(In-person and virtual)


Initial Evaluation and exercise program design (in-person or online) - $120

1 hr - $80 in person       30 min- $60 in person

          $70 online                          $50 online

After an initial assessment of client's posture and alignment, I design a specific plan that includes the client's goals, and I share and discuss the program design with my client. I re-assess the program and the progression periodically or when needed. I care about my clients' constant feedback and input, which are crucial to the success of the program. We work as a TEAM. I train in client's home or in my home gym or virtually via Skype/Zoom/Facetime.

Personal Training sessions are for individuals who need guidance, motivation and commitment to an exercise program. If you have chronic pain or injury, please schedule for exercise and posture therapy.

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Semi-private exercise session

(currently not offered due to COVID-19)

1 hr - $90.00 (2 people)

1hr -  $99.00 (3 people)

1hr -  $120.00 (4 people)

Semi-private training is an individualized fitness training program in a group setting of up to four people. You have the experience of a group style workout environment, with the individualization, attention and accountability of a personal training program. 

* Training frequency is based on client's needs and budget. 

* A travel fee of $0.50/mile is applied for each session (except Uhills).


Gabrielino Community Park, Irvine CA

Tue, 8 AM- Low Impact Cardio & Core 50 min

Thu, 8 AM- Total Body Strength 50 min

Fri, 8 AMVirtual Core on Floor with Pilates and posture exercises

** Contact me, if you'd like to attend the classes. 

PAY monthly and access workouts.

University of California Irvine (UCI) via Zoom

Wed, 12 PM-  Strength & Sets 45 min

**This class is for UCI affiliates only.