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  • Nesve Yayalar

SIJ pain radiates around the buttock, back of thigh, lower back, groin and calf. The cause usually comes from pelvic misalignment and hip disparities. It can be triggered from simple low impact exercises, such as hiking and jogging, also from prolonged sitting and driving.

These posture exercises are designed to realign the pelvis and stabilize the SIJ.

1.Lie on your back with your knees closer to chest. Place a pillow between knees. Extend your arms over head with elbow straight. Repeat 3 sets of 10 reps.

If you suffer from SIJ pain, get an assessment and help for an individualized exercise program to resume your normal activities. Don't live with pain!

Contact me at to make an initial appointment to talk about your pain.

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  • Nesve Yayalar

This 10 min routine will help to release some neck and shoulder tension, if it is done daily. You can do it anytime. Have a self-care break between your meetings and during work hours, or before /after your workout and try this short routine. You need a soft foam roller and a tennis or massage ball. Regular self-myofascial release (self massage with myofascial release technique) helps to prevent muscle tension, rebalance nervous system and rehydrate your soft tissue. It will help you move better and decrease pain/discomfort. If your discomfort continues, contact us for virtual or in person (anywhere) for appointments for individual posture/alignment assessment.

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  • Nesve Yayalar

If you have pain or discomfort on your shoulders, neck or upper back, or returning from injury, follow this routine every day for at least six to eight weeks. Let me know how you feel. If your problem continues, contact me for private assessment/sessions, in person or virtually (anywhere in the whole wild world). If you have any questions, write down on the comment box.

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