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Posture & Alignment Therapy

Posture Alignment Therapy (PAT) focuses on bringing your body in proper alignment. Physical misalignments are usually the main causes of pain and injuries. The pain is just an alert that you are off balance. Your body will not function properly if it is misaligned, and a misaligned body is prone to have injuries and pain.

PAT helps your body to realign. Your bones and joints will be in more ideal positions through customized posture exercises. If the bones and joints are aligned, the muscles and organs will work more properly. This will alleviate neck, back, hip pain, headache, chronic tension ... etc.

Therapy process takes at least 8-10 subsequent sessions

Maintenance phase - weekly, monthly, quarterly meetings

(depends on the indiviual)

Initial Evaluation, 90 min- $130

1 hr - $80 in person / $70 online

30 min - $60 in person / $50 online

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Senior posture therapy
Senior training
Posture exercises
Taking posture photos

HOW Posture & Alignment will HELP you with your PAIN?

Posture and alignment therapy helps to reduce any disparities caused by injuries and poor posture, which affect the normal function of musculoskeletal and nervous system. If your body is in ideal alignment, your bones,muscles and organs will function better.

I first explore the primary causes of client's chronic pain, which is caused by postural dysfunction and muscular compensation,. I design a program to address the problem with specific exercises and myofascial therapy. The goal of the therapy is to re-align the body and eliminate muscular compensation to mitigate the pain and discomfort. I focus on client's education to better understand his/her posture and to increase the body awareness. The client's daily commitment to the exercises is a MUST for the success.  Weekly meetings for the first eight weeks are highly recommended. After then, depending on client's progress, bi-weekly or monthly meetings will be enough for the maintenance phase. We meet in person or virtually via Skype/Facetime. Please, contact for in-home therapy session pricing or any other questions. 

Check out some Success posture photos!

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