massage therapy

specializing in medical massage therapy

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Massage appointments are for TREATMENT reasons. 
relaxation massage can Also be scheduled.

As a medical massage therapist, I use a combination of massage therapy modalities and manual therapy during my treatments, mainly myofascial release technique and neurokinetic therapy.


First appointment: - $120


The first appointment includes an orthopedic assessment, a physical assessment, manual muscle testing, and discussion of treatment plan, health history

Follow up appointment: - $95 for 90 min and $80 for 60 min

Infrequent appointment: - $120 for 90 min and $85 for 60 min

Benefits of Massage therapy:

Massage therapy is one of the most ancient healing practices. There are about hundred forms of therapeutic massage modalities, and each has its own unique philosophy. 

Massage therapy benefit is more than just stress reduction. Depends on the modality, massage therapy helps to reduce chronic muscle tension, low back pain, neck pain, fibromalgia pain, relieve tension headaches, ease symptoms of depression, increase range of motion, temper effects of dementia, improve balance in older adults, improve quality of life in hospice care, relief postoperative pain, enhance exercise/sport performance, etc.


Myofascial therapy is a form of deep tissue therapy and medical massage intended to eliminate pain, increase the range of motion, and rebalance the entire body.



- Decrease chronic pain

- Speed healing from injury and surgery

- Reduce scar tissue and adhesions

- Realigns muscle fibers

- Increase blood circulation

- One of the best methods to treat PAIN


It's the most documented/beneficial massage therapy in literature.


Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT)  is a form of manual therapy. It helps to restore muscle functions by resetting the patterns of dysfunctional movement in the brain. It's a sophisticated and powerful healing technique.

The purpose of NKT is to find the root of the pain or muscular tension and then working with the brain’s motor control center to correct the problem.  NKT does not treat the symptoms, It treats the root cause of the dysfunctional movement patterns in the brain. It also works to restore functional movement, poor posture and misalignment. Therefore, it's not only good for pain management, but also it helps to prevent injuries and enhance athletic performance.