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Foam roll to Look younger

When you foam roll, you directly affect your connecive tissue. What is connective tissue? Isn't just my skin?? Nope!As the name implies, connective tissue serves a connecting function. It supports and binds other tissues in the body. Connective tissue has cells scattered throughout an extracellular matrix of fibrous proteins and glycoproteins. The primary elements of connective tissue include a ground substance, fibers, and cells.There are three main groups of connective tissues. loose connective tissue, dense connective tissue, and specialized connective tissue. With foam rolling, we are affecting directly the dense (fibrous) connective tissue. Its structure helps attach muscles to bones and link bones together at joints. Dense connective tissue is composed of large amounts of closely packed collagenous fibers.

  • Tendons and ligaments are examples of dense regular connective tissue.

When you foam roll slowly and regularly, you are breaking down tight connective tissue (fascia). Since damaged connective tissue can contribute to pain at “trigger points” that restrict blood flow to nearby areas, causing pain, you are helping to decrease pain and stiffness. In turn, you have better performance in sports and better movement in life.

Let's ROLL, everyone!

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