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exercise for Shoulder pain

Scapular retraction/protraction- Shoulder blade mobility. Too much sitting in front of computer causes head forward and down position, rounded back, decreased mobility in shoulder blades, neck and shoulder pain. If Scapula or shoulder blades don't move properly, muscles around them become weak and imbalanced. As a result, shoulders don't move properly either. Especially, lifting overhead (during exercise and daily activities) and rowing, pulling type of movements can become injurious. Eventually, it causes chronic shoulder and neck pain. This is one of the best exercises which can help to improve mobility of scapula. Come on down all fours. Keep low back and neck neutral, engage your abdominal muscles. Slowly bring your shoulder blades together toward spine, and down toward hips (avoid elevating your shoulders, arching and moving the low back, moving hips). Slowly, separate your blades away from each other and spine (like they are sliding toward the armpits). Only your shoulder blades do the movement. Be patient! You might get no movement at the beginning or compensate with low back or hips. Learning a new movement takes lots of practice. If you're unsure that you are doing right, always ask professional help.

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