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Back Pain release

Do these exercises for low back pain.

Use a soft density foam roller.#optp

1. Place the roller under sacrum. Bring knees toward chest, and extend legs up, knees straight, ankles flexed. Working with the breath. Inhale deeply as you expand abdomen, and exhale to relax the entire back toward to floor, and let your legs get closer to your body.#backstretch#hamstringstretch

2. Improved thoracic mobility can mitigate low back pain.

Place the roller under the base of scapula. Knees bent, feet flat, toes forward. Hand behind head, elbow out to side. Work with the breath to open up the front of the body (stretch abdomen). Inhale as letting your belly grow, abdomen stretches. As you exhale, relax the whole body and extend neck back. Try to not hold any tension and let go. Try not to arch from your low back, instead open from your abdomen to extend the spine.#backpain,#flexibility#stretching#selfcare

3. Increased hip ROM can mitigate low back pain. Place the roller under sacrum. Lift legs up, ankles flexed, toes toward knees. Open legs as wide as you can with a controlled movement. Keep repeating up to 20 times.

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