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for Better Posture...

Thoracic back mobility

1- Place the foam roller under the base of your shoulder blades. Bring your elbows closer to each other. Place hands under the head. Slowly move your head back as you feel a stretch in the rib cage and abdomen. Relax your hips and try not to overarch your lower back. Take deep and steady diaphragmatic breathing, and notice your breath travels 360 degrees in your body. As you exhale slowly and controlled, notice a saddle release in the front of your rib cage, abdomen and neck. Always start as short as 10 seconds, and keep practicing every day a bit longer.

Chest Opening

2- Place the foam roller under the base of shoulder blades. Put hands behind the base of skull, bend knees and feet flat on the floor. Slowly extend the back and neck. Make sure to support your neck with hands- simply rest the neck on your hands. If you feel to much compression on the back, place the roller higher on the back, more toward the upper back. This time, keep your elbows open as wide as you can. Follow the breathing as above. Always wait for the natural release, don't force the stretch!

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